Retractable Belt Stanchions

RTA Standard Road Signs

Manufactures All kind of Road and Traffic signs, whether it is Temporary or Permanent sign. Permanent Signs Are made in Aluminium Sheet or Planks Compliant to UAE RTA standards for tough weather conditions. Diamond Grade, High Intensity Prismatic and Engineering Grade Reflective Sheeting Manufactured by 3M company is used for the permanent signs depending on the application of Signs. Temporary Signs are primary made out of Marine Plywood with Engineering Grade, or High Intensity Prismatic Reflective Sheeting as the fascia. these are made to last for due course of 2-3 years.

Choosing RIGHT material!

A rigid, Super-strong outdoor material with high resistance to UV light and excellent long-term durability against elements, making it ideal for the high outdoor temperatures of the Arabian Gulf. All signage graphics and text are back-printed for the protection against vandalism. It has a temperature range of 135C.

Rigid PVC:
A strong, Flexible plastic, usually 1mm thick, can be fixed to any solid base. It will not shatter when punched or drilled for fixing and is ideal for interior use. It has a temperature range of 75C.

A clear 2-3 mm thick, rigid material with back-printed signage graphics and text for protection. Ideal for the internal applications and limited outdoor use. It has a temperature range of 70C.

A hard , Durable, non-corrosive metal substrate, Aluminium is available in 1.8mm and 2.8mm plates and has excellent durability and resistance to elements. It is best for the Outdoor purposes. It is ideal for the following Aluminium Fascia Signs covered with Reflective sheeting made by 3M/Avery/others. These signs, which give excellent night time visibility when light is shone on them, are largely used for traffic application.

Aluminum Composite Signs:
A tough 2mm thick, high quality, lightweight material, consisting of a polyethylene core sandwich between two 0.3mm layers of aluminium. It has a temperature range of 80C.

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